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Work Experience Abroad

Improve your language skills and job prospects by working abroad. A perfect choice for A-Level modern language students.

  • Improve your language skills
  • Experience the local culture
  • Meet new friends & socialise
  • Enhance your future job prospects
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Who can go?

Our work experience trips are open to 16-18 year olds studying a foreign language at AS/A2 level or similar. If you’re a teacher wanting to take a class of students, we can arrange a tailor made trip for your group organising transport, accommodation and work placements for each of your students.

Where will I work?

All of our work placement selections are based on your profile and the availability of placements. Examples of typical placements are shops, restaurants, cafés, hotels and kindergartens. It is important to note that the main aim of the work experience trip is to improve students' linguistic abilities.

Can I go on my own?

Every year we have many students who travel on their own and they soon make new friends. Before you travel you will be able to contact other students on your trip via an event on our Facebook page so you can get to know each other before you go. Our group leaders are also trained in getting students to integrate and mix. more...

Can I travel with my friends?

If you select the same trip as your friends then we will always endeavour to place you all in the same city. Please remember to tell us that you are travelling with friends when booking. We will give you a booking code once you have enroled on a trip, which you can pass to your friends to ensure they are on the same trip.

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Tess Clothier

Tess Clothier's Story

I went to Segovia, Spain for my work experience, and I worked in Aldebaran Escuela Infantil, a nursery for children under three. There were about twenty children there, all between eight months and three years, as well as three women who worked there - none of whom spoke English. I started work at half past nine and I finished at two. Each day I had to get the bus to and from work, which wasn’t too bad as it only cost €1! When I was working, I was mainly playing with and supervising the children, although I also got to teach some of the older ones English, which included teaching them 'Incy Wincy Spider'! We usually spent the day at the nursery, but on one of the days we went out to a nearby park.

After I finished work each day, I usually met up with some of the other people on the trip and we had lunch out in a cafe, or went back to the hotel and spent the afternoon chatting. On three of the evenings we had our evening meal at the hotel, but the rest of the week we were free to do as we liked, although there were optional activities organised read more...

Nicole Rayment

Nicole Rayment's Story

During February half term, I did my week of work experience in Italy and I can honestly say that it was such a great experience! A group of us stayed in Ravenna, a small town situated in the north of Italy near Bologna.

My work placement was in a hotel and I worked Monday to Friday from 9-5pm. I worked in the hotel's reception and my role involved greeting the guests, helping write letters and, as the week progressed, I was given more responsibility by having to answer the phone at the hotel and write down clients’ details to pass on to the manager. In the evenings, we were able to go out and explore Ravenna and we would eat at different local restaurants in the city centre every night.

Being in an environment where everyone only spoke Italian meant I had to use it to communicate with my other colleagues at work. I found this really built my confidence in the language as I was put into a real-life working environment, engaging in everyday conversations. read more...

Molly Reeve

Molly Reeve's Story

During my trip to Aachen, I worked in a kindergarten with children aged between 3 and 6. My main task was helping to keep the children busy and entertained, as well as helping with the general running of the kindergarten (for example, assisting at mealtimes, helping to get the children ready to go outside, and a bit of tidying and cleaning at the end of the day). After finishing work at 4:30pm, we got ready to go out in the evening.

The group leaders organised for everyone to go ice-skating and bowling, a meal out at a restaurant on the Friday evening and a big quiz on the first night; which were all a really good way to get to know more people in the group. On the other nights, we went into Aachen and ate out, and then we went to a few of the local bars to experience the local culture and relax. I had an amazing time on the trip and for me it was so valuable - both linguistically and socially! I made some great new friends, as well as improving my spoken German. read more...