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Work Experience FAQ's

Choosing a work experience week abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience, but we know it can be a scary prospect. To help put you at ease, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions from previous students below.

If you still have a question then please ask one of our trip planners a question, they are always on hand to help you.


Who Can Go?

Our work experience trips are open to 16-18 year olds studying a foreign language at A level or similar. If you’re a teacher wanting to take a class of students, we can arrange a tailor made trip for your group organising transport, accommodation and work placements for each of your students.

Can I Go On My Own?

Every year we have many students who travel on their own and they soon make new friends. Before you travel you will be able to contact other students on your trip via an event on our Facebook page so you can get to know each other before you go. Our group leaders are also trained in getting students to integrate and mix. On the Sunday when the group arrive, they organise an activity as an ice- breaker, so students can begin to meet each other and get to know the group leaders.

Can I Travel With My Friends?

If you select the same trip as your friends then we will always endeavour to place you all in the same city. Please remember to tell us that you are travelling with friends when booking. We will give you a booking code once you have enrolled on a trip, which you can pass to your friends to ensure they are on the same trip.

How Many Other Students Will Be Going?

This varies considerably from one trip to another; as few as 9 or 10 to as many as 45 could be in the same city as you! They come from all over the country so you will have the opportunity to make lots of interesting new friends as well as to learn a lot about a different culture and improve your language skills.

Which City Will I Go To?

This does not get announced until 6-10 weeks before the trip is due to depart. Destinations have included Salamanca, Segovia (Spain), Ravenna (Italy), Lille, Rouen, Bordeaux, Tours (France by coach or air), Aachen, Köln, Koblenz (Germany by coach or air).

How Do You Decide Where I Will Be Going?

A number of factors are taken into consideration when we pick which city you will visit. Firstly how many students have booked and if there is availability in an appropriate hotel and restaurant for the week of the trip. Secondly for coach trips we need to plan a coach route which would be suitable for as many students as possible (usually going down either the M1 or M6 corridor). For air trips, availability of seats is also an important factor.

How Much Spending Money Will I Need?

We suggest about £200, bearing in mind students have to buy their own lunch every day and evening meals on four nights. If students want to join in with all the activities and buy presents for their friends at home etc, maybe a bit more.


How Do You Decide Where I Will Work?

All of our work placement allocations are based on your profile and the availability of placements. This means we are unable to tell students where they will be working until we have more details on them and their preferences.

All students are required to complete an application form and will be asked to select eight work categories (in order of preference) indicating the type of work experience they are interest in. Students will normally be given a placement from these eight choices (unless an application form is received too late for us to action them).

Students will also be asked to write a letter to their prospective employer in the language of the destination country. All of the information given on the application form and in the letter is taken into consideration when we choose your placement, as is the level of your language skills as outlined by your teacher on the booking form.

What Sort Of Work Will I Be Doing?

Examples of typical placements are shops, restaurants, cafés, hotels and kindergartens. It is important to note that the main aim of the work experience trip is to improve students' linguistic abilities. When choosing their categories, students should take this into account and select categories where they feel that they will get the most language practice and experience.

Your placement will be selected by our expert team and we are sure you will enjoy your time no matter the placement.

View examples of possible placements

How Many Days Will I Work?

Students will normally spend 5 days* at their work placement.

*N.B due to Bank Holidays, Monday closure or other constraints some students may work less than five days. In these instances additional opportunities for recreation, discovering the local area etc. are usually provided.

Do Students Work Together?

We try not to put students in the same work placement, as it encourages them to speak English, or for 1 student to rely on the other. If the placement is big enough to distance the students, it is sometimes possible.

How Far Are The Placements From The Hotel?

They are normally a 10 – 15 minute walk, occasionally there may be one or two which require public transport to get there, but this is always detailed in advance to the student. Placements which are a little bit further out only tend to be specialised ones, e.g. horse riding school, airport etc.

Booking & Payments

When Is The Deadline?

The final deadline for booking is:

30th November for February
31st December for Easter
31st March for July
30th June for October

The deadlines are negotiable; late applications may sometimes be accepted so it is worth checking availability with the Work Experience department, but book early to avoid disappointment. Please note late bookings may be subject to a surcharge.

Early Bird Discount

Bookings received before the below deadlines will qualify for a £30 Early Bird discount.
31st October for February
30th November for Easter
28th February for July
30th April for October

What Is Included In The Trip?

View our Value & Affordability page to see what is included when you book with us.

Travel & Accommodation

Where Will I Stay?

Hotel/Youth Hostel: students are usually accommodated in hotels (2/3 star) in Spain and Italy, and 2 star hotels or youth hostels in France & Germany. Where we use Youth Hostel accommodation it is of a very high standard, normally with 2 - 4 students to a room.

Host Family: The Host Family option is only available in Germany and Spain during October half term and France during October half term, February half term and Easter. It involves students staying with French, German or Spanish families, in order to further immerse in the language and culture.

How Will I Travel?

Coach Option: Coach transportation to the various locations is normally provided from pick-up points at motorway services in England along the M1/M6/M4 corridors, with students responsible for making their own travel arrangements to reach their allocated service station. Where groups of more than 10 are involved we may be able to offer school pick-ups.

Air Option: Normally flights will be from one of the main London airports (Luton, Stansted, Gatwick or Heathrow), and students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the appropriate UK airport. Return transfers between the airport and resort are included in the package. Flight prices include taxes, 1 item of hold luggage and Air Passenger Duty. They will either depart Saturday or Sunday for 8 days dependant on flight schedules. Please note Halsbury Travel will notify you of which departure day once flights are booked.

Are Meals Provided?

The students are accommodated on a 3 nights half board and 4 nights bed and breakfast basis. Breakfast is provided everyday and evening meals are provided just on 3 evenings, either at the hotel or at a local restaurant (evening only). For students staying with a French host family they are accommodated on a half board basis for all 7 nights.

Can Friends Share Rooms?

The rooming is organised on the way to the destination by the group leaders. They will have a list of the rooms available, i.e. number of twins, triples etc, and will let the students choose who they want to share with.

Can Two Students Stay With The Same Family?

Students on the host family trip can opt to share with somebody or be housed individually dependant on their preference. If they wish to, they can also tell us which friend they want to share with and we will endeavour to organise this for the students, subject to availability.

How Do We Find Our Host Families?

We have been working with partner language schools and family stay organisations for many years now. All families used are visited and vetted prior to first use and most families have been hosting time and time again for many years with well known satisfaction ratings from past students. Families are regularly visited and vetted by our family stay coordinators. In line with best practice all students have 24 hour contact numbers with local family stay organiser supervisors and our staff.


Who Supervises The Trip?

Halsbury send Adult Supervisors in the ratio of approximately 1-15 (usually language teachers or native speakers) to accompany the group and offer guidance & support where needed. The students' own teachers are not required to accompany the trip or take part in any way. Students apply directly to Halsbury and are the responsibility of Halsbury Staff.

What Is The Code Of Conduct Deposit?

In order to assist and support Group Leaders we ask all students and parents/guardians to sign a Code of Conduct form and send a refundable damage/behaviour deposit of £50 to the office before departure. The cheque remains filed away in the office, and is not cashed. Providing the Code of Conduct has been adhered to, it is then returned to the students 4 weeks after the return of the trip.
Download our code of conduct here.

Group Trips

Do We Have To Send An Accompanying Teacher?

No, we send accompanying Halsbury staff on the trip, but you can send a teacher in addition if you would prefer.

What Type Of Accomodation Is Available?

This is dependant on the country, usually hotels in Italy and Spain, and hotels or hostels in Germany and France. Alternatively there are some host family options available in France, Spain and Germany during certain times of the academic year.

Are There Any Free Teacher Places?

We can incorporate teacher places into the trip price for the students as requested.

Does The School Pay Halsbury Directly Or Do The Students?

Either way is possible, it depends on what procedure is easiest for the organising teacher. Invoices can be raised on request to schools accounts departments.

Can The School Coordinate The Payments And Paperwork?

If you prefer we can send everything to you directly to hand out, or alternatively send you a copy of everything the students receive.

Can Halsbury Deal With The Students Directly?

Yes. Part of this experience is to promote the independence of the student, therefore we encourage parents and teachers to allow the student to organise their own trip.

Over 18

Who Can Go?

Work experience abroad is ideal if you’ve studied a language before and you’re looking to brush up on your language skills. We would recommend that you will have studied the language to AS level minimum to get the most out of the experience.

How Long Can I Go For?

The length of the stay is very flexible. Many people just choose one week away while others choose three months or even longer. It depends on your plans and objectives.

How Will I Get There?

Some people are already abroad when doing their placements and won’t require transport, but we can easily arrange both flights and destination-airport transfers if you require.

Where Will I Stay?

Depending on your plans we can arrange hotel bookings, help you find a hostel and in some cases we can even help you find a host family.