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Work Experience Abroad

  • Improve Your Language Skills

  • Experience The Local Culture

  • Meet New Friends & Socialise

  • Enhance Your Future Job Prospects

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Work Experience Abroad for A-level Language Students

Want to boost your language skills ahead of your A Levels? Need to boost your confidence in speaking and listening? On our Work Experience Abroad trips, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a week working in a local business. And you’ll use your language skills on an everyday basis. You may be nervous to begin with, but by the end of the week you’ll be more confident and independent, and ready to ace your exams!

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Who Can Go?

Our work experience trips are open to 16-18 year olds studying a foreign language at AS/A2 level or similar. If you’re a teacher wanting to take a class of students, we can arrange a tailor made trip for your group organising transport, accommodation and work placements for each of your students. More >>

Where Will I Work?

All of our work placement selections are based on your profile and the availability of placements. Examples of typical placements are shops, restaurants, cafés, hotels and kindergartens. It is important to note that the main aim of the work experience trip is to improve students' linguistic abilities. More >>

Can I Go On My Own?

Every year we have many students who travel on their own and they soon make new friends. Before you travel you will be able to contact other students on your trip via an event on our Facebook page so you can get to know each other before you go. Our group leaders are also trained in getting students to integrate and mix. More >>

Can I Travel With My Friends?

If you select the same trip as your friends then we will always endeavour to place you all in the same city. Please remember to tell us that you are travelling with friends when booking. We will give you a booking code once you have enroled on a trip, which you can pass to your friends to ensure they are on the same trip. More >>

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