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Chloe Granger case study

I went to Nantes in February and I worked in a shop called Damart. It was a 10-minute walk from our hotel and the walk was lovely and relaxing – I felt really independent.

My tasks at Damart involved tagging and putting clothes on hangers, arranging the store layout, fetching things from the stockroom and engaging with customers, ensuring they had everything they needed.

I spoke a lot of French as I was communicating with customers and my confidence has improved massively because of it.

In the afternoon, I would walk back from work and meet everyone at the hotel. We would relax in each other’s rooms, watch some TV and discuss our days.

I have made some incredible friends and we continue to meet up, even though we live all over the country!

I have amazing memories of the trip, including our group outings to an ice rink, to the big elephant ride in Nantes and dinner every evening.

Our team leader was so much fun. She definitely made the trip so much better.

Overall, this experience has been ridiculously valuable and has helped me with my A Level French studies. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get out there, travel and have fun.