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Frankie Povey case study

During the Easter holidays this year, I embarked on my second Halsbury Work Experience Abroad trip – this time, to Rouen in northern France.

I was posted to Jardiland, a garden centre, where I spent the week working alongside two lovely colleagues in the ‘boutique et serre-chaude’ section of the shop.

Everyone was very welcoming and greeted me like one of the long-term employees – they even let me choose a plant to take home at the end of the week.

Although I had to take the tram to work, I found this a really nice way to see a bit more of Rouen and I was also able to explore the other side of the river, which I might not have done otherwise.

Everyone in the group also had plenty of time to explore Rouen itself and there are plenty of lovely cafes and restaurants within 10 minutes’ walk of the hotel.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was very useful to practise my French for an entire week non-stop. I would highly recommend this trip for improving your language skills, but also because Rouen was a lovely town with plenty to see and do.