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Gemma Gilson case study

My work experience in Rouen was amazing! I worked for a week in a garden centre and stayed with a host family. I did a variety of tasks including watering plants and looking after the animals, which was great as I got to mix with different employees.

I can most certainly say that my French has improved beyond belief. By the end of the week, I could confidently hold conversations of all kinds with the staff and my host family. I even came back to England thinking and accidentally replying in French. Staying with a host family taught me a lot about French culture which I wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise.

This experience has given me a well-needed boost for my A2 French exams and has encouraged me to go out to France more.

Some of the employees from my work experience still keep in contact with me and have offered for me to come back…I can’t wait for the next time!