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Megan Stringer case study

I’ve just got back from the best week ever in Lille!

I worked in a shoe shop and my day-to-day tasks included cleaning display tables for new shoes, putting out new season shoes and the occasional handbag, and also making sure everything was neat and tidy around the shop.

Outside of work, the Halsbury group leaders organised activities like laser tag and bowling, which was fun as we got to interact with everyone on the trip! During the week, I also got the chance to explore the city (which was beautiful) and also got to spend time with friends and people who I had met on the trip. The fact that you are treated like an adult and have to do things like find your placement by yourself was daunting, but also great, as it gave me a chance to prove to myself and others that I could get through a week in a different country!

I thought that it was a valuable experience as I learnt new phrases and words that I didn’t know previously. It also gave me the chance to practise some French ahead of my exams. Our group leaders were very friendly and would always help you with any difficulties and problems, and would give the best advice. I would definitely recommend the trip to other students as it is a great way to practise your French, gain new skills and meet new people!