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Meghan Linscott case study

I went to Tours and had an amazing time! Arriving at the airport not knowing anyone was a little bit scary but mostly exciting. I made a lot of friends, some of who I still keep in contact with now. For me, it provided a good example as to what moving in weekend will be like when I start university.

I worked in a local primary school and all the staff were very receptive to me. I think this was a good work placements as I was able to communicate with a variety of different age groups which helped broaden my vocabulary further. During my work placement, I helped teach English and Maths, observed lessons, played with the children and went on outings swimming and ice skating. I was sad to leave at the end of the week and the children drew me pictures and bought me sweets!

Outside of work, our group leaders were very good at organising activities for us, should we want to take part. Trips that were organised were bowling, basketball match, laser quest, ice skating, football match and an evening out on the last night. I don’t like football, so I went shopping instead. I had an early start every morning and it was a very busy week – you will come home tired but it is so worth it. Also the French take long lunch breaks and the majority of work placements are close by so you can go back to the hotel for a rest!

From my experience, Halsbury are very good at finding you a work placement of your choice. Also, the two group leaders who were with us were very helpful and encouraged us to speak as much French as possible. We were given a lot of independence yet were well still cared for and had someone to turn to when we needed help with anything.

I think it is important to remember the reason you are there is for the work experience but it is important to go around the town and enjoy yourself too because this will make the whole experience better and you are more likely to be receptive to what you are taught. There were people of different abilities on the trip too which was good as we were all able to learn from each other. Everyone was given a certificate to prove we had successfully completed work experience in France. Not only does this look fantastic on your CV and university application, it is an achievement to be proud of.

Since being home, I can understand a lot more French and am keener to speak it. Making mistakes seems less daunting now and the trip has really reignited my passion for French. As well as this, I feel like I am a more cultured person now. I am so glad I took up this opportunity; in fact I wish I could go back! I would definitely recommend the work experience trips to anyone!