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Rachel ORourke case study

I spent a week at a crèche in Rouen, in the north of France. Every day I’d walk to the bus stop, buy my ticket and enjoy a 25-minute journey to my placement, which was, in fact, my placement of choice!

I worked a 7-hour day which, I must admit, was long and tiring - particularly finding the energy to participate in activities with animated, adorable French children. However, it was one of the greatest weeks of my life; I noticed my confidence growing, not only in my speaking ability and general understanding of the French language, but simply conducting myself in a working environment. My colleagues were all women, and were charming, welcoming and made the effort to talk to me. The children themselves were more than happy to include me in their fun and games.

Outside of work, there was the social aspect of the trip to enjoy! I went on the trip with just two of my close friends from school and so was looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and expanding my social circle. Halsbury organised optional evening activities including a cinema trip, laser quest and a party on the last evening, which helped us to bond as a group. I was lucky enough to form a mini social group and we enjoyed practising our French, ordering food in restaurants and simple chit-chat with like-minded, language loving individuals.

The week as a whole was brilliant; my French improved, I made new friends and I got to take part in a very unique experience. I got everything I wanted to get out of the trip, and couldn’t recommend it enough to other language students.