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Sarah Oppong case study

I spent a week at a nursery in Rouen, in the north of France. Every day I’d walk there with my friend because her placement was nearby.

I worked an 8 hour shift every day which I enjoyed very much. I mainly participated in various activities such as painting, reading (in French), playing outside and singing with the children.

At the start I was nervous, because my French was not quite perfect and I thought I would not be capable of communicating with them. Fortunately, I was wrong and it went extremely well. The children were understanding and enjoyed my company.

My colleagues were friendly and tried their best to speak to me in a way that helped me to learn more French.

To be honest, it was one of the best times of my life and I believe my confidence grew from that experience alone, not only in my speaking ability and general understanding of the French language, but also by conducting myself in a work environment.

Outside of work, Halsbury organised fun activities for us, such as laser tag and a camp fire, around which we all sang songs and ate marshmallows. We went bowling and even went to a pub to watch a match between France and Wales. The atmosphere was thrilling – I enjoyed it very much!

The leaders who also cared for us on the trip were young and fun, and made the experience even more entertaining. What I enjoyed most was the freedom. During the week I was able to go out shopping and to different restaurants. One particularly delightful spot was Flunch – I advise you all to go there!

Making friends was good too. I attended the trip with two friends and we met another group of friends who we got along with very well, so we spent the whole week hanging out with each other.

The week was an amazing experience, as I have never done anything like this before. I stepped out of my comfort zone and was able to make new friends who I still speak to now.

From this trip I’ve learnt so much and experienced so many things, such as the culture, being more independent and the language, of course. In my opinion, I fully recommend any language student to attend this trip. They’ll seriously love it!