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Vivian Lee case study

I worked in Hotel Ibis in Nancy, France and it was absolutely amazing. I helped out with the breakfast service, greeting customers and also had the opportunity to stand at reception, answering phone calls and passing it onto someone else. Outside my working hours, I was able to explore the city and spend time with people I had met on the trip, which was great. We got a lot of independence, which allowed us to actually speak the language even outside of work, which was different to other trips I had been on with my school, where teachers organise everything. I feel I benefitted greatly from my work experience placement, because it was a chance for me to speak the language with native speakers, and although it was rather daunting at first, everyone is just so nice! After all, they understand that we are learning French as a foreign language. In addition, a lot of students on the trip found out that we could speak a lot more French than we originally thought we could, and this has definitely given me a confidence boost where my French oral is concerned. I would certainly recommend other A-Level students to do work experience abroad because it is such a fantastic experience, and is extremely beneficial for my studies.