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Abigail Stewart case study

For my work experience, I worked in an Art School based in Köln, Germany for a week. I was very shy at first and was quite scared to enter into conversation in case I couldn't be understood but I soon felt at ease and spoke more freely. My working hours were quite good, as I only worked for 5 hours a day which enabled me to explore Germany. During the day I drew templates for the children, which they later copied in their lessons. I helped the children to draw and with this I was able to build confidence in myself and also in speaking German. Everyone at my work placement was really friendly and even though my German wasn't fluent, I was still able to have conversations with both the children and adults.

Outside of work, it was really good to catch up with everyone else on the trip and it is a brilliant way to make new friends. We went on a few different outings with our group leaders; we went ice skating, bowling and went to some amazing restaurants. The group leaders were really friendly and helped me if I had any queries and gave me some phrases to use at my work placement.

I would really recommend doing the work experience to anybody. It gave me confidence and made me believe more in my abilities and also made me feel more independent. Taking part in the work experience not only gives you an opportunity to improve your speaking, develop your listening skills but it also gave me a chance to experience a work placement.