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Molly Reeve case study

During my trip to Aachen, I worked in a kindergarten with children aged between 3 and 6. My main task was helping to keep the children busy and entertained, as well as helping with the general running of the kindergarten (for example, assisting at mealtimes, helping to get the children ready to go outside, and a bit of tidying and cleaning at the end of the day). After finishing work at 4:30pm, we got ready to go out in the evening.

The group leaders organised for everyone to go ice-skating and bowling, a meal out at a restaurant on the Friday evening and a big quiz on the first night; which were all a really good way to get to know more people in the group. On the other nights, we went into Aachen and ate out, and then we went to a few of the local bars to experience the local culture and relax. I had an amazing time on the trip and for me it was so valuable - both linguistically and socially! I made some great new friends, as well as improving my spoken German.

Although the task of conversing in German was a challenge on the first couple of days, by the end of the week I had noticed an improvement in my ability to understand what was being said to me. I also became more confident to chat to other people in my workplace (who were all very friendly and welcoming!). I now know that I definitely want to live and work in Germany when I am older, having experienced a sort of everyday German lifestyle. I am so glad that I went on the trip as I enjoyed everything about it and, therefore, I would definitely recommend it!