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Nilaxshana Balachandran case study

Before I start telling you about what I did during my work experience in Germany, I'd like to point out that this trip is definitely one not to miss as it is an amazing experience where you can meet lots of new people and have a wonderful time! I say "Don’t stop to think about it, go ahead and pay for it and you’ll have an absolutely amazing time!"

When I went, I was given the opportunity to work in a hospital for one week. It was a great experience as I got the chance to work with doctors and nurses doing various different jobs such as taking patients blood pressure, sugar levels, temperature, transporting beds around the building and making breakfast. It was quite valuable as I, in the future, am hoping to become a doctor. Yes, it can be difficult trying to understand what your manager is saying to begin with, however, you don’t need to worry at all because believe it or not, after one week of continuously speaking German you'll realise how much your German has improved. I admit I struggled at first as my spoken German was very weak, however, when I started back at school, I realised just how much my German had improved.

Is the trip worth the money? Yes! I guarantee you that you'll be having one week of fun, laughter and enjoyment. It’s not all about the work placement; you also have the chance to explore the city. I went to Koln, it is a beautiful city and during my stay there I did lots of shopping, ate lots of German food and went to see many tourist attractions such as the Koln Bridge, the big cathedral and Phantasialand. Those that go for Work experience abroad can do all this as well as more. The youth hostel I stayed in was also outstanding as they provided us with good meals, clean rooms and peaceful surroundings. I’d love to be given the chance to go again, as I have so many special memories of my time in Koln.

Overall, Id rate this trip 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone. You can see what the German culture is like, meet new people, improve your German speaking and most importantly have fun. A great trip and like I said before, a trip worth going on!