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Nicole Rayment case study

During February half term, I did my week of work experience in Italy and I can honestly say that it was such a great experience! A group of us stayed in Ravenna, a small town situated in the north of Italy near Bologna.

My work placement was in a hotel and I worked Monday to Friday from 9-5pm. I worked in the hotel's reception and my role involved greeting the guests, helping write letters and, as the week progressed, I was given more responsibility by having to answer the phone at the hotel and write down clients’ details to pass on to the manager. In the evenings, we were able to go out and explore Ravenna and we would eat at different local restaurants in the city centre every night.

Being in an environment where everyone only spoke Italian meant I had to use it to communicate with my other colleagues at work. I found this really built my confidence in the language as I was put into a real-life working environment, engaging in everyday conversations.

Personally, not only do I feel that my Italian has improved but I also feel that this trip has allowed me to become a lot more independent. I had to travel to and from work on my own everyday, using public transport - something I'd never have thought of doing in a foreign country! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming at my work placement and people in Ravenna were so helpful whenever I needed directions. I would most definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is passionate about languages or is planning on studying a language at A-Level. I had the opportunity to experience Italy, and be a part of a real working environment out there; this made the trip even more worthwhile!