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School Group Work Experience Trips

As well as giving individual students an opportunity to study abroad, we also organise tailor made trips for groups of students (usually from the same school) who all travel together to experience work abroad.

Our tailor made group trips allow you to choose when you wish to travel and we will work with you to find the most suitable destination. Group trips require a minimum of 10 students to travel, if you have less than 10 students then travel as part of our pre-arranged work experience trips and you can request that all your students travel to the same city.

Help planning your trip

When you decide you would like to run a tailor made group trip, you can rely on us to help you plan and promote your trip, with the tools and materials you need.

Step 1

Speak to us with your ideas and requirements.

Step 2

Let Halsbury provide you with a quote.

Step 3

Request our leaflets and posters to hand out to students to take back to their parents.

Step 4

Get your students to sign-up online using your unique trip code and web address.

Step 5

Sit back and let Halsbury do the rest.

Find out more

Submit the below form and one of our trip organisers will contact you to discuss your trip.


Do we have to send an accompanying teacher?

No, we send accompanying Halsbury staff on the trip, but you can send a teacher in addition if you would prefer.

What type of accommodation is available?

This is dependant on the country, usually hotels in Italy and Spain, and hotels or hostels in Germany and France. Alternatively there are some host family options available in France, Spain and Germany during certain times of the academic year.

Are there any free teacher places?

We can incorporate teacher places into the trip price for the students as requested.

Does the school pay Halsbury directly or do the students?

Either way is possible, it depends on what procedure is easiest for the organising teacher. Invoices can be raised on request to schools accounts departments.

Can the school coordinate the payments and paperwork?

If you prefer we can send everything to you directly to hand out, or alternatively send you a copy of everything the students receive.

Can Halsbury deal with the students directly?

Yes. Part of this experience is to promote the independence of the student, therefore we encourage parents and teachers to allow the student to organise their own trip.