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Safety & Wellbeing

We understand that whilst your child or your students may be hugely excited about the prospect of going abroad on a work experience trip, as a parent or teacher you may have a few questions and are in need of some reassurance.

Group Leader Supervision

Our groups are always accompanied by Halsbury Group Leaders. The role of our Group Leaders is to support students whilst they are away on a trip. All students will be given telephone numbers for their Group Leaders who will be contactable by phone 24/7. During the week the Group Leaders will visit each student at their work placement to ensure everything is going well. The Group leaders also play an active social role organising optional evening activities and ensuring that all students are integrated into the group.

Rather than a parental role we see our group leaders as playing the role of an older sibling giving support, advice and assistance when it is needed but also allowing students the independence and freedom to become more responsible and confident young people.

"The trip was definitely an invaluable experience - the large amount of independence that we were given taught me to be more responsible."

Alexandra Mokbul Gazi, Salamanca, Spain

Many of our students tell us that they start off the week lacking in confidence and nervous that they will be unable to understand the locals due to the speed of their speech. By the end of the trip all the nerves and self-doubt have disappeared and students say they are able to converse naturally and confidently.

Our Work Experience programme aims to provide students with all the relevant opportunities in order to benefit from the experience in terms of their language skills. Students tell us that they also develop independence, responsibility and enjoy making new friends and exploring the local culture.

"After a week of choosing when I got up, when and where I ate and what I did with my spare time, I felt much more independent and had a taste of what living away from home would be like when I go to university, as well as a better idea of how to budget!"

Emma Freudenthal, Koblenz, Germany

The students' own teachers are not required to accompany the trip or take part in any way. Students can apply directly to Halsbury and are the responsibility of Halsbury staff.

In order to assist and support Group Leaders we ask all students and parents/guardians to sign a Code of Conduct form and send a refundable damage/behaviour deposit of £50 to the office before travel. The deposit is held at the office and will be returned within 1 month of the return of the trip providing the Code of Conduct has been adhered to.

See our Benefits section for more information on our group leaders.

24 Hour Emergency Support

Halsbury offer a 24 hour emergency phone contact in the UK for all groups going out so you will always be able to get in touch with us. The Group Leaders are also contactable 24 hours a day via their emergency mobiles should you need to get an urgent message to the students.

Employer Health & Safety

All employers are visited by our staff and premises are inspected for Health & Safety and compliance with local insurance, fire and employment regulations. Download our health and safety statement for further information.