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Frankie Povey case study

In February half term I went on a Halsbury Work Experience Abroad trip to Segovia, Spain. I was given a wonderful placement in a local riding school, where I spent the week shadowing students on rider instructor training course and exercising the horses with some of the other employees.

Everyone was extremely friendly at Hipica Eresma, even providing me with a three course lunch every day. The surroundings were beautiful too with vistas of the snow-topped mountains visible from the yard.

Despite the freezing weather (it snowed four times during the week), we all had a great time shopping and seeing the sights of Segovia after work as well, such as Roman aqueduct and the impressive Alcazar.

Lastly, our group leader, Cristina, was lovely and extremely helpful with any queries we had.

Everyone had an excellent week and I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone who wants to challenge themselves in new situations – it is quite intimidating at first communicating only in the target language, although by the end of the week interactions do become much easier.