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Isabelle Henton case study

During my week in Salamanca, I worked in a toy/costume shop near the Plaza de Mayor. Each day, I helped out the customers when looking for a costume, I helped organise the deliveries each morning and made sure that the shop was organised so it was easier for the customers to find their costume. Other activities that occurred during the week were a tour of the historical attractions on the Sunday we arrived, the leaders organised a quiz and we went out shopping one night. Otherwise, we spent most evenings with the people on the trip and we went exploring, dancing, socialising and much more!!! I would highly recommend this work experience trip to anyone because it really helps improve your skills, especially listening and speaking. It is a very practical trip and being immersed in the language for hours on end does wonders for your confidence as well.

I made loads of mistakes when speaking to the public but don't worry! The people are so helpful, understanding and really appreciate the effort that you put in to learn their language. You meet amazing people on the trip and I know that if I hadn't gone on the trip, my Spanish wouldn't have improved and I wouldn't have made the most amazing friends that I have done. And it looks great on your CV because it shows independence and motivation to improve your learning.

You won't regret it if you go on this trip! It was the best thing that I ever chose to do. :)