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Katriona Fraser case study

During my February 2016 half term holiday I took part in Halsbury’s Work Experience Abroad programme, travelling to Segovia, a city two hours away from Madrid in Spain.

I spent five days working as a waitress in the restaurant of a traditional Spanish hotel. This gave me a great opportunity to practise my Spanish, as I was able to speak to the customers, other waiting staff and chefs.

I heard about this programme initially from my Spanish teacher as an alternative to the generic school trip, which are always enjoyable but do not immerse you into the culture or language a great amount.

One of the most enjoyable things about the experience for me was the independence. We had the freedom to go out together into the town and do our own thing, which was completely different to a school trip.

Our Halsbury Group Leader was also amazing, as she was friendly, supportive and organised activities such as going out to dinner in a local tapas bar. On the last night we went to the theatre to see a comedy show, which was a great opportunity to practise my listening and understanding skills.

Outside of work, as well as the theatre and restaurants, we explored the city together in the evenings. The main attractions were the architecture, like the aqueduct and cathedrals, which were absolutely stunning.

Overall, the experience was amazing and I feel as though my Spanish has improved a large amount. It has improved all my skills that I need to succeed in my Spanish exams – reading, writing, listening and confidence in my speaking.

I would recommend Halsbury to anyone interested in improving their confidence and understanding of Spanish. It was also brilliant as it immersed me in the rich history and culture of Spain. I hope to use Halsbury again to get some work experience in France in the summer!