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Maria-Alexandra Chirica case study

The Work Experience was a brilliant opportunity for me to learn more about Spanish culture but also put into practice the Spanish that I’ve learnt. After working at a nursery where I had to entertain the children, read stories, create new activities and also help the staff, I came back into my Spanish lessons understanding more and with new confidence when speaking the language. After work, the other students and I visited the local area and went to various museums and landmarks where we learnt more about Spanish culture. This gave us more contextual knowledge of the area, the people and the language itself.

Going on the Work Experience trip has helped me not only with the fluency of the language, but the confidence to talk to people who were more than willing to help. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends and spend a week with new people who are in a similar position as yourself, which is reassuring as you know you’re not the only one who might find it challenging, yet rewarding.

I’d recommend Halsbury Work Experience to any student studying Spanish as there is a huge difference between knowing the language, and putting it in to practice with fluent Spanish speakers.