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Tess Clothier case study

I went to Segovia, Spain for my work experience, and I worked in Aldebaran Escuela Infantil, a nursery for children under three. There were about twenty children there, all between eight months and three years, as well as three women who worked there - none of whom spoke English. I started work at half past nine and I finished at two. Each day I had to get the bus to and from work, which wasn’t too bad as it only cost €1! When I was working, I was mainly playing with and supervising the children, although I also got to teach some of the older ones English, which included teaching them 'Incy Wincy Spider'! We usually spent the day at the nursery, but on one of the days we went out to a nearby park.

After I finished work each day, I usually met up with some of the other people on the trip and we had lunch out in a cafe, or went back to the hotel and spent the afternoon chatting. On three of the evenings we had our evening meal at the hotel, but the rest of the week we were free to do as we liked, although there were optional activities organised: to go to the cinema or bowling, for example. We also had a tour of the city on the Saturday, which was really interesting, and we spent our last day in Madrid.

I made some amazing new friends, and the trip also improved my confidence more than I could ever have imagined. I also found working with the children really interesting and worthwhile. My speaking and listening skills have also improved loads, although it took me a few days before I could think in English again after we got back – double French was fun… I found the whole experience incredible and I’d recommend it to anyone. I'd recommend it to other students because you will gain so much from it: both linguistically and socially.